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Vanua: Towards a Fijian Theology of Place
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A theoretical reflection on the links between the Fijan vanua and theology. A journey of reconciliation with Fiji’s multiculturalism, and a search to define contemporary Fijian identity. Comparison of migration myths to the trinity of vanua, lotu, and matanitu questions assumptions about Fijian society.


Author Tuwere, I.S.
ISBN 982-02-0338-4
Year 2002
Pages 245
Country Fiji
Illus. B/W
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Asia in the Pacifc Islands: Replacing the West
Asia in the Pacifc Islands: Replacing the West
Price: US$49.00

A spectacular transition is underway in the Pacific Islands, as a result of which all our lives will be radically different. In the last fifty years or so, Asia has begun to play a bigger and bigger role in all aspects of  Islands life – it is replacing the West.

With his trademark breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding of the region, based on over half a century of experience, study and deliberation, Ron Crocombe documents the early connections between Asia and the Pacific, details recent and continuing changes, and poses challenging theories about the future.

Hard cover edition available for $59.

Democracy & Custom in Samoa: An uneasy alliance
Democracy & Custom in Samoa: An uneasy alliance
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Sāmoa became an independent state on 1 January 1962. In moving toward independence, Sāmoans made it clear that they wanted a political structure based on custom and tradition. Yet, the draft constitution adopted implied that Sāmoans also sought a democratic political system. The post-independence period demonstrated the practical difficulty of reconciling the two – both of which are provided for in Sāmoa’s constitution.


In Democracy and Custom in Sāmoa: An uneasy alliance, author Asofou So’o examines the co-existence of the two systems of governance. He concludes that, while there has been significant progress towards the realization of democracy – with both positive and negative impacts on indigenous institutions and their associated values and practices –that progress has been restricted by the persistence of customary ideals.

The South Pacific (7th Ed.)
The South Pacific (7th Ed.)
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A seventh, revised and updated edition of the permanently in demand 'The South Pacific' is now available. This encyclopaedic study of the 28 diverse islands nations that make up Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia details and analyses the very many features and influences that give the region its unique nature - its history, people, environment, culture, economics and politics.

Available in hard cover for $64

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